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Precision is Crystal Clear Vision. Technique is Trial & Error. Innovation is Passion. The result of it all is the ride of your life. Welcome to our reality.

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Audio Visual Support

With 15+ years in the industry we have become the Audio Visual Gurus you’ve come depend on. We have you covered from on all points from installation to breakdown.

Event Logistics

Our team measures, tracks, analyzes, manages, and schedules events to exceed top performance levels. We treat each event like the Championship Game.

Stage & Lighting

When it comes to staging and lighting we demonstrate the importance of laying a foundational platform ranging from public speaker to rock band.

Live Sound

CAVSI audio engineers treat the sound of your event like audio aficionados. We do more than project sound-we create sonic atmospheres.

Videography & Photography

Capturing moments is what we live for. We bring life to stills and stories to motion picture. With technical repertoire for quality and artistic expression for vision we challenge ourselves to create lasting impressions.

Media Post Production

Editing post production is an art form to us. We look to sculpt the best features of your media to portray the best message possible.

Event Design

Our Event Design Team is event strategy focused and ready to create the blue prints for your next successful event. Take a look at our past projects.

Creative Works

Sometimes its necessary to let experience find its natural course through problem solving and creation. Here are a few times we let our inner voice speak.

Original Production

Great things happen when you put together a group of visionaries. Ideas bounce and imaginations fly. Check out the results of our creative minds.

R & D

At Crystal Audio Visual we believe in researching, developing, and evolving. Every step involved in forward thinking where we want to BE. Find out whats next!

Adventures with CAVSI

On March 31, 2014      Comments

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and OpenFlow have emerged as a new paradigm of networking. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is changing how we design, build, and opera

Torrance Marriot
On March 31, 2014      Comments

SDN is changing today’s networks for improved business agility. The Open Networking Summit is the premier SDN event, bringing best practices from leaders and innovators

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